We couldn’t resist in sharing this from the BBC.
Just imagine… if high street shopping was like online shopping.

Whilst many of our independent retailers have their own online presence – indeed Heart of the Shires has too – it is your presence that we all love and we hear you love to visit us to see a friendly, welcoming face, to see, to touch and experience the quality of goods available to purchase, in real life.

Heart of the Shires is over 150 years old and, although your internet speeds can sometimes feel they take 150 years to do anything, we don’t believe, in 2020, there is a better way to shop – than with a good old fashioned, independent retailer with good old fashioned service.

Ask yourself, how can a unique piece of artwork be properly admired? The touch of that new outfit be sensed? The comfortability (if there was such a word) of a chair or sofa be determined? Or, indeed, the practicality of a utensil or the nap of a cushion or curtain?

As for getting your hair, or nails done online – we think it’s virtually impossible*

So, for a moment, please watch the film – we admit it’s rather amusing – and consider your next trip out to Heart of the Shires to experience proper shopping… perhaps followed by a cup of tea and a slice of cake, made and brought to you, without an ambiguous delivery timeslot, in our restaurant. It’s actually the only place we insist on cookies.

*Ironically possible only virtually!

Background to the film
After its initial clip on social media clocked up a staggering 15million views in less than a fortnight, BBC Cymru Wales has announced that a pilot episode of comedy sketch programme, Age Of Outrage is set to air.

The clip, entitled If High Street Shopping Was Like Online Shopping quickly went viral on a number of the BBC’s social media platforms, and has been shared and liked by millions of people since it was first posted in January, making it one of BBC Wales’ most-viewed social media videos ever.

If High Street Shopping Was Like Online Shopping