Soap bars are making a comeback after being given a makeover for an environmentally-minded age.
heart of the shires garden roomAn outcry over the amount of unnecessary plastic waste dumped in seas and other fragile environments has taken place over the past two years. Sales of bars of soap grew faster than both liquid soaps and shower products over the period, suggesting shoppers are once again warming to them.

Vogue ask: Is there any act more redolent of January in England than the unwrapping of a fresh cake of soap? Despite liquid hand-wash and body gels in recent years cleaning out what was once a sturdy fixture in British bathrooms, the pleasure of installing a smooth, solid, crisply fragrant bar on the side of the sink cannot be underestimated.

The Garden Room stock a fabulously, indulgent range of soap bars produced by The English Soap Company.
Founded in 2000 by Bob and Juliet after discovering a large number of vintage soap moulds lying disused in a machinery workshop farm in Kent. Inspired by the wonderful designs from a bygone age they set out to recreate the luxurious soaps they remembered from childhood.

All the perfumes are made in England by expert perfumers and have been designed specifically for the English Soap Company. All soaps are hand finished before going out, ensuring quality and care from inception to finish. All the soaps are pure vegetable based, vegan, and are not tested on animals. The soaps are available at the Garden Room now.

“What is elegance? Soap and water!” Cecil Beaton

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