One of the highlights of 2023 was working with the lovely people at The Our Jay Foundation. When we heard about Our Jay, we knew we needed a defibrillator at Heart of the Shires.defibrillator heart of the shires

With over 100 units now installed, many of which in Warwickshire, the Heart of the Shires unit was the very first 24/7 publicly accessible defibrillators to be introduced by The Our Jay Foundation in Northamptonshire.

Over the Christmas period (3 weeks) 6 OurJays defibrillators were deployed by 999. Some were used in emergencies and some were just fetched as a precaution. This means that OurJays defibrillators have been deployed by 999 a total of 33 times over the last 12 months.

We hope nobody will never have to use the Heart of the Shires defibrillator but if it is needed, thanks to Jamie, it is ready right now.

2024 we will be welcoming brand new retailers to our family of shops and services here. That is very exciting.
The Plant Barn – you’ll have seen the steel structure towards the south side of the site – will be complete this year.
Within that area there are spaces for your business to join later in the year – plus one amazing opportunity now to join right now, with a ground floor unit available overlooking the main courtyard. It could just be the perfect position for your brand new business for 2024.

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