This week we found a little cuddly toy Bunny, thankfully the owners had contacted Heart of the Shires Shopping Village and the Bunny has been put in the post en-route to Newcastle where a 12 month old girl will be very happy and the parents very, very relieved. We find a lot. Bears from Barnsley, Watches from Weybridge and Gloves from Grimsby, you name it, it seems to be forgotten.

Heart of the Shires

So to help, we’ve setup a Facebook Album with the latest ‘finds’ – we’d love to return each item to its rightful owner. (We won’t be posting photos of Jewellery or Watches) If you have lost something and think it may be at Heart of the Shires Shopping Village, get in touch via Facebook messenger or email

The little bear in our picture is just pretending to be so sad. He has a happy home and a very happy owner. #heartoftheshires #lostbear

Lost Something? Can We Help?
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