We have to admit we are feeling a little bit broken, we’ve altered our logo accordingly and it’ll remain like this until the whole Corona virus crisis is over. 
Nobody, at present, can tell how long that will be. We remain open and will do so as long as we are able to. We are also ensuring everything is spotlessly clean and everyone on site adheres to the government guidelines. Whatever happens, this platform will continue to run offering the latest news about us and our retailers, from opening, to what we are doing to ensure our site is safe for everyone.
In a time where everything seems so, so bad, there are glimpses of happiness and hope. There are so many people offering to help others, help to our key workers, neighbours and even strangers. These acts of kindness aren’t being reported much so we plan to scour the world for good news stories. We’ll post them on our social media sites and here on our website, feel free to share the good and together we’ll overcome the bad.
Thank you for your continued support.
Heart of the Shires
Heartbroken – But Not Beaten