We have to admit we are feeling a little bit broken, we’ve altered our logo accordingly and it’ll remain like this until the whole Corona virus crisis is over.

Nobody, at present, can tell how long that will be. Can you help heal our heart? 

Lots of people have asked ‘How can I help support local businesses without buying from them?’ This is what you can do ⬇️ 
1. Write a brilliant google review – internet sales are now many people’s only source of income so a google review can make a huge difference for them!
2. Leave a review on Facebook – again if they sell on Facebook it helps people buy into brand, product, service etc
3. Leave a review on their website if possible – state the positives and why should they buy from them etc
4. Like, love, comment, share social media posts, this massively helps to increase how many people Facebook and show the business to and helps the fb algorithm for them to appear on your feed. Please don’t assume just because you liked a page you see their posts, you don’t always and to keep supporting you need to save, like and comment and share posts!
5. Post photo’s of products when you use them and tag the company so they can see it and share the positivity & love!

Heart Broken