In a time where everything seems so, so bad, there are glimpses of happiness and hope. There are so many people offering to help others, help to our key workers, neighbours and even strangers. These acts of kindness aren’t being reported much so we plan to scour the world for good news stories and share them on here – feel free to raise a smile and share. Good News Today:Corona Virus GOOD NEWS

The pandemic represents the biggest shock to the global economy in more than seven decades, but new research says that the outbreaks are likely to result in a record-breaking 8% annual decline in carbon emissions—the largest decrease in history.

Seven-year-old Harrison Evans has raised over £2,000 for hardworking staff at the NHS after cycling every day for two weeks! Harrison started off aiming to cycle at least 5km every day during his one-hour exercise to raise money for NHS staff. He set out with a goal of just £500 but finished his cycle today and raised £2,215. Well done Harrison!

The community has rallied around to give a 90 year-old RAF veteran a birthday he will never forget. Wing Commander Robert (Bob) Jones of Pembroke Dock turned 90 on Thursday, surrounded by cards, gifts, balloons, food and drink kindly gifted by local residents and businesses. The incredible community effort swung into action to ensure Bob wasn’t alone on his birthday after his planned party had to be cancelled because of coronavirus. Bob lives alone and has no family locally but a celebration to mark his special day had been planned at his favourite café. Bob’s family were devastated when the party had to be cancelled but contacted to see if the cafe could organise for some cakes to be delivered. But the cafe decided to go a step further and amassed cards, children’s posters and drawings, gifts and well wishes. Happy Birthday Bob!

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