It’s the start of another lockdown. We are now on pause until December 2nd.

With an end date in sight many of our incredible, independent retailers here at Heart of the Shires are using the time to plan their displays, offers and a huge welcome back for the run up to Christmas and in to the New Year.
You, our lovely visitors, can really help over the next four weeks by offering a little something that would mean such a lot – a review. It would take just a moment but could make their day. You can head over to the Social Media accounts of our retailers, whizz off to Google or Tripadvisor and write something wonderful. You can make a difference and make someone smile today. You can even post in our Heart of the Shires review section on Facebook and we’ll pass them on.
Everyone needs to play their part to ensure retail opens again. Let’s not just count down the days… let’s make the days count.
Thank you.
Time to Say Goodbye – Just for Now
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