We are really pleased to welcome our little ones, as they return each and every year, to Heart of the Shires. The Swallows arrive at Heart of the Shires in April and May, returning to their wintering grounds in September and October.swallows at Heart of the shires

The Heart of the Shires Swallows spend their winter in South Africa – they travel through western France, across the Pyrenees, down eastern Spain into Morocco and across the Sahara. Some birds follow the west coast of Africa avoiding the Sahara. Other European swallows travel further east and down the Nile Valley. Migrating Swallows cover 200 miles a day, mainly during daylight. 

The Swallows travel such a long distance and choose the safe haven of Heart of the Shires to roost and raise their young throughout the summer.

So, this Summer Holiday why bring your little ones to see our little ones?

Meet Our Little Ones