The Crane is symbolically known as The Bird of Happiness. The Origami Crane is a symbol of good health, hope and peace following the heart-warming story of Sadako, an eleven year old Japanese girl who fell ill with Leukaemia after an atomic bomb was dropped on her village. Whilst in hospital, a friend of Sadako’s told of a Japanese legend, if a sick person folds one thousand cranes a wish to make them well again would be granted from the gods.

Sadly, Sadako passed away before she completed one thousand cranes but her spirit, courage and determination is truly inspiring. Since opening at the Heart of the Shires Shopping Village last August, The Peace Crane have made and given customers Origami Cranes away for free. Now it’s time that the Cranes earned some good elsewhere… from Saturday 28 April there will be a charity box on The Peace Crane’s counter offering an Origami Crane in exchange for a kind donation to Leukaemia UK, Blood Cancer Care and Cure, a leading blood cancer charity.
peace crane heart of the shires
Leukaemia UK make a difference to families affected by leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma and other blood cancers, working with hospitals and clinicians to improve the care for people living with blood cancer and who fund research into improving treatment options & better, kinder ways of treating the disease.

Leukaemia UK also recognise that dealing with a diagnosis can be physically and emotionally draining. Leukaemia UK believe that advances in medical treatments need to be matched by much greater emotional and wellbeing care for both people affected by blood cancer and their loved ones.

Origami Cranes – at the The Peace Crane
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