Enjoy organic indulgence from the Hebrides at Food for Thought, based here at Heart of the Shires.

island bakery Hebrides BiscuitsTobermory, where the Island Bakery are based and where these superb biscuits come from, is the island’s capital, and famous for the coloured houses framing the harbour.

From Oat Crumbles, Chocolate Limes, Lemon Melts and Shortbread it is Island Bakery’s mission to make biscuits that taste brilliant. They are organic too – and the factory building is powered entirely with local sources of renewable energy. Electricity for the building, for instance, is generated both by a hydro-electric turbine on the neighbouring Tobermory river and a single wind turbine set on a hill above the bakery.
We are not claiming that biscuits are a health food, but if you want to enjoy something sweet, it might as well be the best. By doing the best for the environment, so you can enjoy these biscuits without feeling too guilty about it.
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