A mesage from Darlington’s…

Ian wanted to share this message to all the customers.

Dear friends of Darlingtons,
We, the Darlington family, opened the doors to Darlingtons Tea Rooms at Heart of the Shires during the summer of 2005 with the ambition of creating a welcoming environment that people could visit time & time again and always be assured of a fantastic experience – we firmly believe that with your help, we have certainly achieved this and much more.

The summer of this year sees us as a family embark on new adventures.

We’re pleased to remain part of the Heart of the Shires community with our shops on the other side of the main courtyard.

We shall always be deeply grateful for the pleasure we’ve had in serving you over the last 17 years; we take with us many wonderful memories and thank you all so very much for everything.
Fondest wishes always

The Darlington Family

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