Jam or cream first? That’s the only dilemma at Darlington’s – the Tea Room at Heart of the Shires with their delicious scones.

cream teas northamptonshireBut then again is it scone – as in ‘own’? Or scone as in ‘gone’? Jam or cream, scone, scon or even scoon – it’s a fantastic british tradition – and with a secret shopper, a cream tea expert, no less, recently visiting and giving the thumbs up, perhaps you should try a Darlington Cream Tea soon, but be quick before they are all s’gone!
The two sultana scones provided as standard by Darlingtons were delicious. Warmed and fresh, they had a pleasing crunch on the outside and a buttery soft inner.” CreamTeaReview, June 2019
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Leaving No Scone Unturned