The forecast for later today is officially Baking!Great British Bake Off
It’s time to roll out the bread carpet and welcome all the new bakers!
The Great British Bake Off returns 21st September, 8pm on Channel 4.

We can’t wait. ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET… BAKE!
All you bakers, I’m sure, will be well aware of Abraxas Cookshop, the multi-award-winning independent and family run business, at Heart of the Shires.

Did you know though, Abraxas are celebrating their 25 years anniversary this year AND that the original idea (for an amazing multi-award-winning independent and family run business) evolved over a coffee at Heart of the Shires Shopping Village? 25 years. Fantastic. That’s helping a lot of star bakers!
Bake Off is BACK!