In a time where everything seems so, so bad, there are glimpses of happiness and hope. There are so many people offering to help others, help to our key workers, neighbours and even strangers. These acts of kindness aren’t being reported much so we plan to scour the world for good news stories and share them on here – feel free to raise a smile and share.
Good News Today:
Corona Virus GOOD NEWS
In Spain, a doctor’s online plea for letters to those who had been hospitalised by coronavirus received an overwhelming response. Tens of thousands of letters were sent by well-wishers.

James Dyson, the manufacturing mastermind behind cyclone vacuum technology and other inventions, received a personal call from Prime Minister Boris Johnson to build ventilators.  Dyson and his company got to work and in just ten days invented and built a brand new easily duplicated ventilator. The British government put in an order for the first 10,000 units. Dyson is donating 5,000 more to international hospitals that are short on emergency equipment. Production for the ventilators is set to be finished in early April.

Pandemic or no pandemic, love will find a way just ask Jeremy Cohen, a quarantined New Yorker who is now dating his neighbour after using a drone to give his phone number to the young woman he spotted dancing on a nearby rooftop.

Twenty Dutch musicians from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra were forced to stay in their homes this week amidst COVID-19 shutdowns but they still came together in harmony to produce a powerful music video for the world. With a full string section, woodwinds, and brass horns, the video opens with the triumphant Symphony No. 9 by Beethoven, first played almost 200 years ago.

Despite sweeping closures across the USA homeless pets are finding temporary housing faster than ever as animal shelters find new ways to arrange foster care for hundreds of pets at a time. Without the means to facilitate traditional adoptions, Animal Shelters have turned to social media to ask for help in finding foster homes for their furry charges and many of the shelters have received amazing outpourings of support from their communities.

The Kern County Animal Shelter in California shelter was forced to adapt to the statewide shutdowns, they decided to host a drive-thru adoption day for their shelter cats and dogs.
Much like a fast food restaurant, people would pull up in their cars with paperwork in hand. Instead of driving away with a burger and fries however, they would get sent home with a foster pet, along with food and other supplies. The shelters two drive-thru events were successful beyond all expectation with more than 100 animals found homes by the end of the week.

And to connect with each other, people have been putting images of rainbows in their windows and on their balconies in a colourful sign of optimism.
Have you got one?

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